Successful Trivia Night

We had a great time with 4 teams (with a total of 17 members) competing in the 1st Trivia Contest. It was great – the FCA classes had written all the questions. Here is a sample question from each class =
1. Preschool = What is Eeyore the donkeys favorite food?
2. K & 1st = Name the 1st book Dr. Seusss published.
3. 2nd & 3rd grade = How many quarts in a peck?
4. 4th & 5th grade = What is the fastest creature on earth?
5. Middle School = Which is longer 1 mile or 1 kilometer?
6. Computer = How many times bigger is a terabyte than a gigabyte?
7. About FCA = What is the name of the resource teacher?
This is great example of the good time we had. Looking forward to seeing next year at the Trivia Challenge.
Oh yes, we made $ 178.00 pure profit.