New church in Whitley County

Welcome to the newest church in Whitley County, the Roca Eterna – Centro de Adoración (RECA) Church in Columbia City. Actually the church began holding services in Faith Christian Academy on January 6th of this year with 44 folks in attendance. This is a congregation of mostly former residences from Puerto Rico who moved here to continue to work for Zimmer Biomet in Warsaw. They desired a church in their language, although the service is in both English and Spanish thanks to a great interpreter, Rebeca. Pastor Juan Quirindongo is the pastor. He was born and raised in the southern coast of Puerto Rico, in a city called Peñuelas. His wife’s name is Migdalia Quirindongo, She was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised also in Puerto Rico. Juan first came to the US when he joined the Army – 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Brag North Carolina, in 1983. From there they moved to Perth Amboy, New Jersey, and began their ministry as missionaries and evangelists. They lived there for eight years. They moved back to Puerto Rico and served as pastors. In 2008 they moved to Warsaw, IN, and in 2011 they became residents of Columbia City. “I thank the Lord for giving us the opportunity to be a light of hope and God’s grace to the Hispanic community in Columbia City. We also thank the members of the board at Faith Christian Academy for opening their doors and making this dream come true. We hope to be a blessing not only to the Hispanic community but to everyone in this wonderful city”, said Pastor Juan. Pastor Juan has also been an associate pastor in Warsaw for seven years. From there he was led to Fort Wayne to help out with a church as an associate pastor. At the end of last year he and others began looking for a building or a place to rent in Columbia City, to begin a church. “We couldn’t find a suitable place for this until we found Faith Christian Academy, where Pastor Larry, who is the director of the school, welcomed us with open arms” said Pastor Juan.

Everyone is welcome to Roca Eterna Centro de Adoración (Rock of Ages Worship Center). Sunday School is from 9 a.m. – 10 a.m. and Sunday Worship service is from 10:15 a.m. – 12 p.m. Worship begins with praise and worship and reading of the scripture. There is then a word of gratitude and welcome by Juan’s wife. Then comes the sermon. Juan’s son Josue is the worship pastor. He coordinates worship, plays several instruments, but mainly the keyboard and he is also the lead singer. Pastor Juan’s daughter Amaris, plays the drums and acoustic guitar. Juan’s son-in-law Israel Santos, plays the bass; his daughter Saili and daughter-in-law Laura, sing. Another son Javi, helps with audio-visual technology. Juan’s son-in-law Esau, is the usher’s leader and welcomes everyone with a bright smile. The service is provided both in Spanish and English and attracts people from the surrounding counties as well as Whitley County.

“Faith Christian Academy is very happy to be part of this work for the Kingdom of God. It is always exciting to see Christ at work, but this is to folks who desire to hear and speak their native tongue and so they will continue to grow” said Larry Schmoekel. After attending a worship service, it was amazing to have a service with an interpreter that was so smooth and easy to follow, understand and be inspired. Both Pastor Juan and Rebeca would move from Spanish to English while speaking and interpreting.