FCA Pizza Sale

The biggest single day for PIZZA eating in America is “Super Bowl” Sunday. We will be taking orders for 16 inch fresh pizzas – that we will put together here at FCA – and folks who have ordered them will come
and pick them up. This will happen on the Saturday BEFORE the Super Bowl, the making date will be SATURDAY FEBRUARY 12th. We will start at 8:30, and depending on how many we sell, people may pick
them up from 10:00 – 2:30. Oh yes, we will sell 16 inch pizza’s for ONLY $ 14.00!! This will be for a double cheese, pepperoni, sausage, or 1⁄2 & 1⁄2.

We will be selling ALL of the pizzas for $ 14.00, or five and more $ 12.00. This will take lots and lots of hands to really work. You will need to take orders for the pizzas – it is best to collect the money when the
pizzas are ordered – because we have to pay for the ingredients when we pick them up. Paying upfront also encourages folks to remember to pick them up on Saturday! We will get all of the ingredients from SAM’S
Club – and we will make EXACTLY the same pizza they sell as “take & bake”. I ran the Pizza Café when SAM’S opened and this is not really hard, they just take a little time. We will fold boxes and put together the
pizzas – and put labels on each pizza box.

I believe if we ALL make an effort to sell these pizza’s we will have a GREAT time and a great fund raiser! And, of course, we will sample some of the pizza’s we make for our lunch!! Looking forward to hearing from you. You may call the school at 260-248-4872 to place your order, or send us an email to faithchristianacademywc@gmail.com with your order.

Thank you for your help

Pastor Larry

Pizza Order Form